Lessons from the Big Chair

This is a blog dedicated to the lessons learned by those of us who have worked as psychotherapists over the course of several decades.  I hope to share our experiences and pay tribute to those who have taught us these lessons; our patients, students and colleagues.  “Big Chair” is a reflection and dialogue about how this work has changed us and our understanding of the human condition. Hopefully, the work of a psychotherapist makes a significant impact on both those we serve and on us as well. Anyone who has been in the field for some time recognizes that the dilemmas our patients struggle with are reflections of problems we all face. It is my hope that this blog will provide an appreciation of the impact that this work can have on our own lives. I believe we set out to help others change and, in the process, change ourselves.

I invite those who have been working in the counseling and psychotherapy profession to share your experiences.  How has this career changed you? How are you different now than when you began?  What would you like to share with others about what this career has taught you?  What have been your most enlightening experiences, both positive and negative?  Please join in the conversation as we build this community.  I hope it will be a place of reflection, appreciation, learning and support.  Thank you for connecting with us.


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